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 About Body Sculpting 

Our Silver Package Offers the basics of body sculpting you need to get started at a great price point! Your Highly Trained Technician will set up a specialized treatment plan tailored just for your specific needs and body type.

 To ensure the best results with your treatment, we suggest that you follow the Jealousy before and after care recommendations.Drink a minimum of 2 liters (about 4 16.9 FL OZ water bottles) of water the day before, as well as the day of your treatment. Continue drinking 2-3 liters of water (not soft drink, juice or tea) for no less than 3 days after your session.


DO NOT EXCEED 4 LITERS PER DAY, with the exception of individuals on a strenuous workout regimen.You should NOT eat 2 hours before and 1 hour after treatment.Make sure all self tanning residue has been removed before coming in for treatment.If there is body hair in the treatment area, shaving the area is preferable as it allows the probe to glide smoothly over the skin surface. (DO NOT SHAVE IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO A SESSION AS THAT MAY CAUSE SENSITIVITY) Please Shave or wax at least 1 day prior to session.


DO NOT DRINK ANY ALCOHOL OR CAFFEINE ON THE DAY OF TREATMENT OR 48 HOURSAFTER. ( if you need caffeine, 1 cup is ok as long as you are well hydrated, but it is best to avoid alcohol so your liver can fully function to remove the fat)Dry skin brushing is recommended to stimulate lymph movement after your session.


Dry skin brushing is a great method of lymphatic stimulation. A dry fibre bristle brush is lightly brushed all over the body. Always move or brush in the direction toward your heart. This is the direction in which lymph flows. Dry skin brushing also reduces cellulite, stimulates your immune system, wakes up circulation and makes your skin extremely soft.


Do NOT have a hot shower (warm is ok), spa, or sauna right after treatment.After your session, Follow a fat free, low starch, low sugar diet for best results.Exercise for at least 20 minutes after your treatment to stimulate and move lymph throughout the body, this will help with removing cavitated fat cells from the body.


You can exercise immediately after your session. Your normal work out routine is recommended. Long-term results will depend on youYour future behavior will determine how well the procedure works for you. If you follow the guidelines below, your chance of losing weight and staying will improve greatly.        


Maintain a healthy diet. Avoid fried foods, processed foods and high in sugar and starch content foods.        Eat vegetables, protein, whole grains and fruits. Developing a healthy eating habit can help you mentally and physically.        Stay active. Regular exercises help the body to heal faster, burn fat, and it allows you to accelerate and enhance your results. If you do not have a regular exercise regimen, you should develop a regimen. If you already have a routine, you should continue it, but try to push yourself to do more if you can.        Consider additional treatments. If the first treatment is successful and you do not need a follow-up treatment, you should consider adding a treatment to other areas if possible. All of our treatments are a A NON SURGICAL Procedure and have absolutely no downtime!



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